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Open Photo Editor SDK from Camera screen

This guide demonstrates how to open Photo Editor SDK just after taking a photo on Video Editor Camera screen.

All recorded video or taken images on Camera screen can be handled using videoEditor of protocol BanubaVideoEditorDelegate. Provide custom implementation of videoEditor method to override flow.

class ViewController: UIViewController, BanubaVideoEditorDelegate, BanubaPhotoEditorDelegate {


func videoEditor(_ videoEditor: BanubaVideoEditor, shouldProcessMediaUrls urls: [URL]) -> Bool {
// Filter media resources to find the target image for Photo Editor SDK
guard let jpegURL = urls.first(where: { $0.pathExtension.lowercased() == "jpeg" }),
let imageData = try? Data(contentsOf: jpegURL),
let resultImage = UIImage(data: imageData) else {
return true

// Close Video Editor SDK
videoEditor.dismissVideoEditor(animated: true) {
DispatchQueue.main.async { [weak self] in
guard let self else { return }
// Calling clearSessionData() also removes any files stored in urls array

// Use this launch config to open Photo Editor SDK
let launchConfig = PhotoEditorLaunchConfig(
hostController: self,
entryPoint: .editorWithImage(resultImage)

return false