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Face AR and AR Cloud products

The Banuba Face AR SDK product is used on the camera and editor screens for applying various AR effects while creating video content.


Any Face AR effect is a folder that includes a number of files required for the Face AR SDK to play this effect.


Make sure every effect folder includes the preview.png file. This file is used as a preview for the AR effect.

Manage effects

There are 2 options for managing AR effects:

  1. bundleEffects folder - use bundleEffects folder,
  2. AR Cloud Effects - which are stored on the remote server.

Please, keep the name bundleEffects, otherwise, the app will not start. Create the bundleEffects folder if it does not exist.


You can use both options i.e. store just a few AR effects in bundleEffects and 100 or more AR effects on AR Cloud.

Integrate AR Cloud

AR Cloud is a cloud solution for storing the Banuba Face AR effects on the server and is used by the Face AR and Video Editor products.
Any AR effect downloaded from AR Cloud is cached on the user's device.

Add the dependency below to the Podfile to integrate AR Cloud into your project:

pod 'BanubaARCloudSDK', '1.30.2'

Since the link to your AR Cloud bucket is included into the license token, AR effects will appear once you set the license token with the AR Cloud link.

Change the effects order

By default, all AR effects are listed in alphabetical order. AR effects from bundleEffects are listed in the beginning.

Provide your ordered list of effects to preferredMasksOrder in VideoEditorConfig:

 videoEditorConfig.recorderConfiguration.recorderEffectsConfiguration.preferredMasksOrder = [

These are the names of specific directories located in bundleEffects or on AR Cloud.

Disable Face AR SDK

The Video Editor SDK can work without the Face AR SDK. Change the Podfile to disable the Face AR SDK:

   banuba_sdk_version = '1.30.2'
- pod 'BanubaEffectPlayer', banuba_sdk_version
- pod 'BanubaSDK', banuba_sdk_version
+ pod 'BanubaSDKSimple', banuba_sdk_version

Please, keep in mind that you can remove all AR effects from bundleEffects if your license does not include the Face AR product.

Integrate the Beauty effect

The Video Editor SDK has the built-in integration with the beautification effect - Beauty. The user interacts with the Beauty effect by clicking on the specific button on the camera screen.


BeautyEffects is not shown on the list of all AR effects on either the camera or the editing screen. It is required to store the effect in bundleEffects and keep the name BeautyEffects with no changes.
Please, move this effect into your project while integrating the Video Editor SDK.

Integrate the Background effect

The Background effect allows to apply various images or videos as background while recording video content on the camera screen.
The AR effect requires Face AR and can be added to your license. Please, request this feature from Banuba business representatives. Add the Background effect either to bundleEffects or AR Cloud.