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Web AR Features and Requirements

Face AR SDK Features for Web#

Basic features#

  • Single Face Tracking
  • Multi Face Tracking
  • Scripting
  • Rendering Engine
  • Face Filter Text Layovers (Text Texture)
  • Interactive Triggers
  • Face-To-Phone Distance (Ruler)
  • Pulse (Heart rate)
  • Action Units

Neural Networks and extensions#

  • Background separation
  • Hair segmentation
  • Eye segmentation (2 layers)
  • Lips segmentation (including shiny lips)

Visit SDK Features page for a complete list of supported features.

Supported Browsers#




Banuba Web SDK supports any browser with WebGL 2.0 and higher.
See the list of supported browsers.


  • WebGL 2.0 and higher

Since iOS currently doesn't support WebGL 2.0, Banuba SDK for Web cannot be supported on iOS devices.


Safari (including Safari for iOS) and WebGL 1.0 are supported only in the Face AR SDK v1.0 and higher. Visit v1.0 documentation for more information.

SIMD support#

Web AR SDK includes two .wasm files: a regular one and one for browsers with SIMD support.
SIMD support in your browser allows gaining faster performance and better user experience while using Web AR.

Currently, the following browsers support SIMD instructions by default:

  • Chrome 91 and higher*
  • Firefox 90 and higher

* Any browser based on Chromium. Visit official Chromium documentation to see WebAssembly status.

Please visit official WebAssembly documentation to see a full list of browsers with SIMD support.

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