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Face AR plugin for Unity Features and Requirements


  • - the technology fully supports the platform and has proper test coverage.
  • + - the technology doesn’t support the platform.
  • CPU, GPU - the badge shows the processing unit used by the technology.
  • - a link to the demonstration video is available for the technology.
  • Info - a link to an article describing work of the technology.

To get the Banuba Face AR plugin for Unity, view Unity Face Tracking website page.

Banuba Face AR plugin for Unity features#

Face TrackingCPU
Avatars & Action unitsCPUGPU
2+ faces detectionCPU
Triggers support (Mouth, Smile, Eyebrows, Eyes)CPU
Background separationCPU

Supported platforms and requirements#




  • Latest Unity LTS release
  • Any mobile platform: ARMv8.
  • Android: supported from Android 5.1. Minimal Android SDK version - 21.
  • iOS: supported from iOS 10.0. Minimal supported device - iPhone 5s.
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