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Background separation

How to enable Background separation in Unity Face AR SDK#

  1. Open Unity editor and find Background separation demo scene under Assets => BanubaFaceAR => FeatureBackground => Scenes => BackgroundScene. Move BackgroundScene to the scenes hierarchy and make it active. image See full image

  2. Run the scene to see how it works.


Add Background separation to mobile device build#

  1. To run background separation on mobile device, add the LoaderScene to the active scenes hierarchy first. Find LoaderScene under Assets => BanubaFaceAR => BaseAssets => Scenes => LoaderScene.

Open LoaderScene => Canvas and edit Scene field value from MinimalScene to BackgroundScene. image See full image

  1. Step for Android only: open Edit => Project Settings => Player and select Android tab. Remove Vulkan from the Graphics API (leave only OpenGLES3). It's better to restart Unity editor afterwards. image See full image

  2. Open File => Build Settings => Select your platform. Click App Open Scenes to add BackgroundScene. Leave active only LoaderScene and BackgroundScene. image

  3. Click Switch Platform and then Build And Run.

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