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SDK Features


On Android platform Neural networks are available only with OpenGL ES version 3.1 and higher.

Banuba SDK features on Web are supported only on browsers with WebGL 2.0 and higher.


  • - the technology fully supports the platform and has proper test coverage.
  • + - the technology doesn’t support the platform.
  • CPU, GPU - the badge shows the processing unit used by the technology.
  • - a link to the demonstration video is available for the technology.
  • Info - a link to an article describing work of the technology.

Face AR SDK#

Single Face TrackingCPU
Multi Face TrackingCPU
Audio Playback
Continuous photo editingCPU+++
Mask on picture from Camera Roll (pre-recorded picture)CPUGPUOn demand
Mask on video from Camera Roll (pre-recorded video)CPUGPU++
Rendering EngineCPUGPU

Rendering Engine#

3d modeling & animationGPU
Image-based lightingGPU
Physcially based renderingGPU
Animation billboardsGPU
Skinned Mesh AnimationsGPU
Face MorphingGPU
High dynamic range imaging (HDRI)GPU
Video texturesGPU
Multisample anti-aliasingGPU
Sprite animationGPU
Lookup Table (LUT)GPU
Texture sequencesGPU

Other Features#

Face Filter Text Layovers (Text Texture)CPU
Interactive TriggersCPU
Interactive TouchCPU+++
Face-To-Phone Distance (Ruler)CPU

Face AR SDK Add-Ons#

Background separationGPU
Skin segmentationGPU++
Hair segmentationGPU
Eye segmentation (3 layers)GPU
Lips segmentationGPU
Acne Removal (manual)GPUInfo+++
Acne Removal (auto)CPUGPU+++
Hair strands paintingCPUGPU+++
Eye bags removalCPUGPU+++
Skin smoothingGPU+++
Neck smoothingGPU+++
Hand AR: NailsGPU+++
Hand AR: Hand GesturesCPU+

Face AR SDK Experimental Features#

Pulse (Heart rate)CPU
Full body segmentationGPU+++
Glasses detectionCPU+++
Creepy SmileCPU+++
Makeup TransferCPU+++
Action UnitsCPUGPU
Portrait MatchCPU++
Celebrity MatchCPU++
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