SDK Features


Neural networks are available only with OpenGL ES version 3.1 and higher.

Banuba SDK features on Web are supported only on browsers with WebGL 2.0 and higher.


  • - the technology fully supports the platform and has proper test coverage.
  • + - the technology doesn’t support the platform.
  • CPU, GPU - the badge shows the processing unit used by the technology.
  • - a link to the demonstration video is available for the technology.
  • Info - a link to an article describing work of the technology.

Neural Networks

Background separationGPUOn demand
Skin segmentationGPU++
Hair segmentationGPU++
Eye segmentation (2 layers)GPU++
Lips segmentationGPU++
Full body segmentationGPU+++
Acne Removal (manual)GPUInfo+++
Acne Removal (auto)CPUGPU+++
Eye bags removalCPUGPU+++
Hair strands paintingCPUGPU+++
Skin smoothingGPU+++
Neck smoothingGPU+++

Other Features

Face TrackingCPU
2+ faces detectionCPU
Pulse (Heart rate)CPU
Ruler (Ruler to phone)CPU
Mask on picture from Camera Roll (pre-recorded picture)CPUGPUOn demand
Mask on video from Camera Roll (pre-recorded video)CPUGPU+++
Post-processing effectsCPUOn demand
Continuous photo editingCPU+++
Glasses detectionCPU+++


Skinned mesh animationGPU
Physcially based renderingGPU
LUT post processingGPU
Texture sequencesGPU
Video texturesGPU+
Face BeautificationGPU
Avatars & Action unitsCPUGPU


Trigger: Mouth openedCPU
Trigger: Smile detectionCPU
Trigger: Raised browsCPU
Trigger: Shifted browsCPU
Trigger: Eye opened/closedCPU


Describes features included in basic beautification release.

Skin smoothingRetouch the skin tone to make it look healthier and younger.
Teeth whiteningWhiten teeth to enhance user camera experience.
Eyes flare“Expressive eyes” effect that whitens the eyes and improves the iris color.
Face morphingModify the face and its facial features, e.g. slim down cheeks and nose.
EyeshadowVirtual shadows of any color and transparency.
EyelinerVirtual eyeliner to the upper or lower eyelid.
EyelashesVirtual eyelashes of any length and color.
BlusherVirtual blusher of rouge color applied to cheeks.
HighlighterVirtual highlighter of bright color applied to nose, center forehead and chin.
ContouringVirtual contour of brown color applied to the lower cheek area and upper forehead.
LUTThe color and light enhancement of the image to make the beautification filter look organic.

Neural Networks based beautification

Describes features that work only with appropriate neural networks included.

Hair coloringDetect the hair of any length and change color — one or multiple tones for hair strands.
Hair strands paintingApply several colors to hair strands (photo only).
Eye coloringSegment the iris and apply virtual contact lenses.
Lips coloringApply virtual lipstick try-on of any tone and texture — matt or glossy.
Skin coloringSegment the skin area and adjust its tone making lighter or darker.
Bokeh effectSegment the body and blur the background as in professional photography.
Acne removalFix skin defects automatically or by user tap in photos.
Eye bag removalAutomatically remove bags under eyes in photos.
Skin smoothingBlurs the face for beautification purposes.
Neck smoothingDetects and blurs the neck area for beautification purposes.
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