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Face AR SDK Demo archive

Currently, the Face AR SDK archive doesn't include all features listed on SDK Features page. It lets us make the SDK archive size constant and include only production-ready features.

Features not included in the Face AR SDK Demo package may be delivered as a demo upon request.


Please also refer to the SDK Features page to check which features are supported on each platform.

Face AR SDK technologies included in the Demo archive#

SDK and Rendering Engine#

  • Single Face Tracking
  • Multi-Face Tracking
  • Scripting
  • Continuous photo editing
  • Rendering Engine.

Face AR SDK Add-Ons#

  • Makeup and Face Beauty API
  • Background separation
  • Hair segmentation
  • Eye segmentation (3 layers)
  • Lips segmentation (virtual lipstick)
  • Skin segmentation
  • Full body segmentation
  • Skin smoothing
  • Neck smoothing
  • Acne Removal
  • Eye bag removal
  • Hand AR: Nails segmentation and painting
  • Hand AR: Hand Gestures

Experimental Features#

  • Glasses detection
  • Action Units
  • Face-To-Phone Distance (Ruler)
  • Interactive Triggers
  • Interactive Touch
  • Face Filter Text Layovers (Text Texture)
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