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Minimal SDK

Minimal SDK can be used in case your app has strict size limits.

How Regular SDK and Minimal SDK differ#

Regular SDKMinimal SDK
Face SearchAdaptive and neural network face search algorithms including ARKit for iOS*Neural network and ARKit (iOS) face search algorithms supported*
Bundle size30 Mb on average (depends on a platform)**12-13 Mb***
Neural NetworksNeural Networks included based on SDK license termsNot included
PerformanceSee technical specificationPerformance can be weak on low-end iOS devices due to Neural Networks Face search algorithm usage. Lower performance on any Android devices (in comparison with Regular SDK).
Supported platformsSee system requirementsAll platforms except Web (due to low performance)

* Adaptive face search algorithms provide better performance and more quality user experience on a broad range of devices and platforms. Neural network face search algorithms enable quality user experience only on top devices.
** Bundle size depends on a platform used, but in average it is about 30 mb size with basic Face AR SDK features set (regular version).
*** With stripped libraries for unused architectures and with disabled bitcode (iOS).

How can I get Minimal SDK?

Contact your sales manager or write us on to get Face AR SDK minimal version.

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