Demo Face Filters

List of Demo Face Filters and technologies represented with them.

Face AR SDK release archives are supplied with a built-in number of face filter (effects) so that you could test basic functionality of our SDK.


If you don't have all demo face filters included in your release archive, please contact your sales manager or email


  • Online / Offline - Online face filters can be applied both for realtime work and photo. Offline face filters are designed to work only with photos (offline mode).
  • Yes* - Face filter can work in online mode, however, its performance can be lower on mid-end and low-end devices due to neural network usage.
  • Click on filter name (when clickable) to see effect appliance example.
Filter NameTechnologies representedOnlineFilter Icon
0003_cu_Spider1_v3_b1Animation, TriggersYesimage
ActionunitsGroutAction units with blendshapes in the Mask, 3D maskYesimage
Afro3D maskYesimage
ASMRFogASMR effect without face tracking, reacting to finger iteraction with the screenYesimage
ASMRSlimeASMR effect without face tracking, reacting to finger interaction with the screenYesimage
BeautyEffect for face beautification with beauty API, built-in textures, customizableYesimage
Beauty_baseBeautification effect with basic set of features and APIYesimage
blur_bgBackground segmentation neural network, BlurYes*image
blur_bg_2Background segmentation neural network, Blur using bilateral filterYes*image
bokehBackground segmentation neural network, Bokeh effectNoimage
BulldogHarlamovTransfer of facial expressions to the 3D model, 3D MaskYesimage
BurningMan2018Retouch, 3D MaskYesimage
CartoonOctopusAnimation, TriggersYesimage
CubemapEverestBackground segmentation neural network, 3D environment cubemap texture, 3D MaskYes*image
DebugLandmarksDisplay face recognition landmarksYesimage
DebugWireframeDisplay face recognition wireframe with landmarksYesimage
GlassesVirtual glasses try-onYesimage
MonsterFactory3D Mask, PhysicsYesimage
PineappleGlassesBackground segmentation neural network, Animated texture, 3D MaskYesimage
PoliceManMorphing, 3D MaskYesimage
RorschachBackground segmentation neural network, Animated texture,3D MaskYes*image
SkydiverAnimated texture,3D MaskYesimage
scene_anime_styleNew render engine example with 3D maskYesimage
scene_beautyNew render engine example with basic beautificationYesimage
scene_incrediblesNew render engine example with separate 3D mask for each face (2 faces)Yesimage
scene_transylvaniaNew render engine example with separate 3D mask for each face (2 faces)Yesimage
scene_trollsNew render engine example with separate 3D mask for each face (2 faces)Yesimage
test_BGBackground segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Body (iOS only)Body segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Creepy_smile (iOS only)Change smile on photo on creepy one (neural network approach)Noimage
test_Eyebags (iOS only)Eye bags removal neural networkNoimage
test_EyelashesEffect for eyelashes tracking debugYesimage
test_EyesEyes segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Faceacne (iOS only)Face acne removal neural networkNoimage
test_GlassesGlases detection (neural network approach), 3D maskYesimage
test_HairHair segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Hair_boundHair recoloring in multiple shades, Hair segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Hair_strand (iOS only)Hair strands recoloring (neural network approach)Noimage
test_image_process_cartoonShader-based image filterNoimage
test_LipsLips segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Lips_shineShiny lipstick effect, lips segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Occl (iOS only)Occlusion neural network used to define face collisions with different objects in the screenYes*image
test_Recgnzr_AllEffect with API for testing multiple neural networks work at the same time: Lips, Hair, Background, Hair and SkinYes*image
test_SkinSkin segmentation neural networkYes*image
test_Skin_smoothing (iOS only)Skin smoothing (neural network approach), Face Segmentation neural networkNoimage
test_touchesTest and debug touch technologyYesimage
test_voicechanger3D mask with voice change effect (works only with 3rd party library)Yesimage
test_voicechanger2Voice change effect (works only with 3rd party library)Yesimage
vibration_testDemo effect for vibration API for iOS and Android platformsYesimage
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