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Offscreen Effect Player Demo App


  • Latest stable Xcode

Get the client token#

To start working with the Banuba SDK Demo project for iOS, you need to have the client token. To receive the trial client token please fill in our form on website, or contact us via

Get the Banuba SDK archive#

With the client token, you will also receive the Banuba SDK archive for iOS which contains:

  • Banuba Effect Player XCFramework (BanubaEffectPlayer.xcframework),
  • BanubaSdk Xcode project,
  • Effect examples located under effects folder.

Build the Banuba SDK OEP Demo app#

This section is fully consistent with the same section in iOS demo app (Build the Banuba SDK Demo app section). Please, refer to iOS demo app for more details.

Run the Banuba SDK OEP Demo app#


Before running the iOS Offscreen Effect Player Demo project, place your client token inside appropriate file in the following location:

Client token usage example#

let bundleRoot = Bundle.init(for: BNBEffectPlayer.self).bundlePath
let dirs = [bundleRoot + "/bnb-resources", Bundle.main.bundlePath + "/effects"]
clientToken: "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"

Effect usage example#

loadingEffect = true
effectPlayer?.loadEffect("YOUR_EFFECT_NAME", completion: {
// Uncomment next line to see the effect of async effect loading
// sleep(1)
self.loadingEffect = false

To run the SDK OEP Demo app, click Set the active scheme button in Xcode and choose OffscreenTestApp.

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