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Demo app UI

iOS Demo app UI description#

  1. Effects selection โ€” the slider control that shows all effects in the app.
  2. Switch mode - switches between the Photo and Video modes. When the photo mode is enabled, you'll see the photo control option on the left side of the app.
  3. HQ-photo/Record Video:
    • In HQ-photo mode: takes a high-quality photo (process image).
    • In Video recording mode: 1st tap starts Video recording, 2nd tap ends the recording and shows the recorded video.
  4. Save Dump โ€” 1st tap starts face recognition data recording, 2nd tap ends recording. The recorded face recognition data can be found on the device after connecting the phone to PC and navigating to SDK Demo app from iTunes.
  5. Switch camera โ€” switches the camera between the front and rear views.
  6. Process photo โ€” select and process photos from Camera Roll.
  7. Frame Logger โ€” 1st tap starts FPS log recording, 2nd tap ends FPS log recording. FPS recording result can be found in the app log output in xCode.
  8. Reset Player โ€” restart the effect player. The active effect will be dropped.
  9. Add Effects โ€” feature that allows to add new effects into Demo App more quickly using Files.
  10. FPS Counter and active effect โ€” shows 3 types of FPS in real-time and displays active effect. FPS counters:
    • Render
    • Camera
    • Face Recognition
    • SDK Version

How to use Add Effects feature in Banuba SDK Demo app#

  1. Create a Folder named effects on your PC and add all effects needed to the Folder OR

  2. Select 1 or more effects to download them one by one

  3. After that Folder with effects or effects can be imported to the device:

    a. If device is of iOS 13+:

    • Compress the Folder or each of the effects to .zip files
    • Send .zip files with AirDrop to the device
    • Save it into iPhone/Files
    • Launch Demo app and tap 'รdd New' button
    • Select .zip files created -> .zip imported
    • Find Project folder in Files, open it and tap .zip files imported -> files become unzipped
    • Make sure that the Folder with effects called 'effects', because the name is hardcoded OR if there is no 'effects' folder, you can create it on your device's files and move your unzipped effects into the effects folder
    • Go back to Demo App -> effects have appeared

    b. If device of iOS <13:

    • Send effects folder with AirDrop to the device (not .zip file)
    • Save it into Project Folder in Files
    • Launch Demo app and tap 'รdd New' button
    • Make sure that the folder called effects in order system can find it (all the other Folders with the same name should be deleted)
    • Go back to Demo App -> effects have appeared

NOTE: 'effects' folder can be also imported from your PC to the Project folder via iTunes.

  1. Then effects can be re-named OR deleted from Files. All the changes made and effects' catalogue updated can be seen after collapsing or re-launching the Demo App.

How to use Acne Removal tool in Banuba SDK Demo app#

  1. Assemble the Banuba SDK Demo build using your release Archive (read iOS getting started guide).

  2. Launch Banuba SDK Demo app on your iOS device.

  3. Select any filter to enable Face Detection (e.g. SDK Makeup).

  4. Take a photo or select it from the gallery (Other actions -> Process photo).

  5. Tap on a single point with acne to remove it.

Work example in the demo app
  1. Tap and hold on a photo to see the original image.

Effect Info#

If you want to know more details about the effect applied, you can find Effect info in Xcode logs. It contains the information about audio, video, touches usage and render type of the effect.


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