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Filter Editor and Viewer


Banuba Face AR SDK comes with Filter Editor and Viewer tools which allow you to configure and preview effects before uploading them to your app. You can:

  • Import effect assets in .fbx format
  • Set effect properties
  • Preview effects in real time
  • Add audio
  • Add beautification
  • Iterate and improve fast

Filter Editor#

Effects Constructor is the tool where you import effect assets and configure its properties. You may design effects in any 3D graphical editor like Maya and import them in .fbx format. Filter Editor converts files into the supported formats so that you further be able to configure and run your effect.


Viewer component allows testing constructed effects on desktop before uploading them to the app. To preview effects, you just need to drag'n'drop the constructured effect folder into the Viewer window.

Entry skills and experience#

Banuba Face AR SDK enables different types of AR effects, from simple 2D stickers to complex face filters with triggers and animation. Some features require coding, and we're working on covering them in the Tutorial section.

Below, you may find the list of entry skills recommended for the creation of complex face filters and working with the Banuba Filter Editor tool.

3D designer#

  • 3D modelling, texturing
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Experience with creating AR effects for games


  • Knowledge of JS (or any other programming language at the Jr-Mid level) to write a script to control the effect
  • Understanding or experience of writing shaders in GLSL

Have more questions about effects creation in FaceAR SDK? Visit our FAQ or contact our support.

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