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For the information about the retouch material refer to retouch material.

Example effect: retouch

Steps to implement#

  1. Put the textures and fragment shader file into the effect folder:

    • redmask_ex.png
    • teeth_ex.png
    • eyes_whitening_ex.png
    • eyes_highlight_ex.png
    • soft_ex.png
    • barbie.png
    • finalColorFilter.fsh
  2. Switch retouch state to enabled in the draw order.

  3. Set textures from step 1 as values for the appropriate options for retouch material.

  4. Disable the NORMAL_LAYER option. The current example doesn't use this option, but you can find and test it in the effect folder.

  5. Press CONSTRUCT button.

  6. Now we can add LUT file for the whole image. Without this step you don't need barbie.png and finalColorFilter.fsh. Open config.json file and add the "final" value to the general section.

    "final": {
    "type": "FILTER",
    "filter": {
    "fragmentCode": "finalColorFilter.fsh",
    "textures": [{
    "file": "barbie.png",
    "sampler": "lookupTexture",
    "magFilter": "LINEAR",
    "minFilter": "LINEAR"
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