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SDK Features

  • On Android platform Neural networks are available only with OpenGL ES version 3.1 and higher.
  • Banuba SDK features on Web are supported on browsers with WebGL 1.0 and higher.
    See more in system requirements.


  • - the technology fully supports the platform and has proper test coverage.
  • + - the technology doesn’t support the platform.
  • CPU, GPU - the badge shows the processing unit used by the technology.
  • - a link to the demonstration video is available for the technology.
  • Info - a link to an article describing work of the technology.


Single Face TrackingCPU
Multi Face TrackingCPU
Audio Playback
Continuous photo editingCPU+++
Mask on picture from Camera Roll (pre-recorded picture)CPUGPUOn demand
Mask on video from Camera Roll (pre-recorded video)CPUGPU++
Rendering EngineCPUGPU


Comes as part of Face AR bundle.

Hand AR: NailsGPU
Hand AR: Hand GesturesCPU
Hand AR: Hand SkeletCPU
Hand AR: RingsCPU+

Rendering Engine

3d modeling & animationGPU
Image-based lightingGPU
Physcially based renderingGPU
Skinned Mesh AnimationsGPU
Face MorphingGPU
High dynamic range imaging (HDRI)GPU
Video texturesGPU
Multisample anti-aliasingGPU
Sprite animationGPU
Lookup Table (LUT)GPU
Texture sequencesGPU

Other Features

Face Filter Text Layovers (Text Texture)CPU
Interactive TriggersCPU
Interactive TouchCPU+++
Face-To-Phone Distance (Ruler)CPU

Face AR SDK Add-Ons

Background separationGPU
Full body segmentation
Skin segmentationGPU
Hair segmentationGPU
Eye segmentation (3 layers)GPU
Lips segmentationGPU
Acne Removal (manual)GPUInfo+++
Acne Removal (auto)CPUGPU+++
Hair strands paintingCPUGPU+++
Eye bags removalCPUGPU+++

Face AR SDK Experimental Features

Pulse (Heart rate)CPU
Glasses detectionCPU+++
Action UnitsCPUGPU