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API for using AR cloud in the SDK

AR Cloud is a client-server solution that helps to save space in your application. This is a product used to store AR filters i.e. masks on a server-side instead of the SDK code. After being selected by the user for the first time, the filter is going to be downloaded from the server and then saved on the phone's memory.

Example of using AR cloud

Banuba SDK AR Cloud delivery solution includes the BanubaARCloudSDK.xcframework library which should be placed into Frameworks folder directory.

You can find the AR cloud library here: BanubaARCloudSDK.xcframework.

Follow these steps to configure AR Cloud:#

1. Paste AR Cloud client id value#

Paste AR Cloud client id value into ARCloudManager.swift.

// Add your Client Cloud Id instead of empty quotes
static let clientCloudId = ""
fileprivate static let banubaARCloud = BanubaARCloud(uuidString: clientCloudId)

Please ask Banuba representative to provide you with client id for the trial period.

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