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Face Beauty API

Banuba provides the Beauty API designed to help you integrate face modification and touch-up functionality into your app. The beautification features fit into a variety of use cases, i.e. live streaming, video chats and video conferencing apps to selfie editors and portrait retouching software. It aims to make the user feel comfortable about the camera experience.

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Read more about how to use and combine Makeup API and Face Beauty API features.


Please contact us if you wish to use Makeup API features in iOS version 14.x.

The Beauty module allows to enhance the face via the following built-in features:

Teeth Whitening

Allows for a beautiful smile.

  • Teeth.whitening(n) - changes whitening texture intensity, where n - any value from 0 to 1 (including decimal).
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */

// set teeth whitening strength



Face morphing

Slims down the cheeks and nose to make it more delicate.

  • FaceMorph.eyebrows({spacing: value, height: value, bend: value}) - set eyebrows morph params: spacing - Adjusting the space between the eyebrows [-1;1], height - Raising/lowering the eyebrows [-1;1], bend - Adjusting the bend of the eyebrows [-1;1]
  • FaceMorph.eyes({rounding: value, enlargement: value, height: value, spacing: value, squint: value, lower_eyelid_pos: value, lower_eyelid_size: value, down: value, eyelid_upper: value, eyelid_lower: value}) - set eyes morph params: rounding - Adjusting the roundness of the eyes [0;1], enlargement - Enlarging the eyes [0;1], height - Raising/lowering the eyes [-1;1], spacing - Adjusting the space between the eyes [-1;1], squint - Making the person squint by adjusting the eyelids [-1;1], lower_eyelid_pos - Raising/lowering the lower eyelid [-1;1], lower_eyelid_size - Enlarging/shrinking the lower eyelid [-1;1], down - Eyes down [0;1], eyelid_upper - Eyelid upper [0;1], eyelid_lower - Eyelid lower [0;1]
  • FaceMorph.nose({width: value, length: value, tip_width: value, down_up: value, sellion: value}) - set nose morph params: width - Adjusting the nose width [-1;1], length - Adjusting the nose length [-1;1], tip_width - Adjusting the nose tip width [0;1], down_up - Nose down/up [0;1], sellion - Nose sellion [0;1]
  • FaceMorph.lips({size: value, height: value, thickness: value, mouth_size: value, smile: value, shape: value, sharp: value}) - set lips morph params: size - Adjusting the width and vertical size of the lips [-1;1], height - Raising/lowering the lips [-1;1], thickness - Adjusting the thickness of the lips [-1;1], mouth_size - Adjusting the size of the mouth [-1;1], smile - Making a person smile [0;1], shape - Adjusting the shape of the lips [-1;1], sharp - Lips Sharp [0;1]
  • FaceMorph.face({narrowing: value, v_shape: value, cheekbones_narrowing: value, cheeks_narrowing: value, jaw_narrowing: value, chin_shortening: value, chin_narrowing: value, sunken_cheeks: value, cheeks_jaw_narrowing: value, jaw_wide_thin: value, chin: value, forehead: value}) - set face morph params: narrowing - Narrowing the face [0;1], v_shape - Shrinking the chin and narrowing the cheeks [0;1], chekbones_narrowing - Narrowing the cheekbones [-1;1], cheeks_narrowing - Narrowing the cheeks [0;1], jaw_narrowing - Narrowing the jaw [0;1], chin_shortening - Decreasing the length of the chin [0;1], chin_narrowing - Narrowing the chin [0;1], sunken_cheeks - Sinking the cheeks and emphasizing the cheekbones [0;1], cheeks_jaw_narrowing - Narrowing the cheeks and the jaw [0;1], jaw_wide_thin - Jaw wide/thin [0;1], chin - Face Chin [0;1], forehead - Forehead [0;1]
  • FaceMorph.clear()- resets morph
// Set FaceMorph effects
FaceMorph.eyebrows({spacing: 0.6, height: 0.3, bend: 1.0})
FaceMorph.eyes({rounding: 0.6, enlargement: 0.3, height: 0.3, spacing: 0.3, squint: 0.3, lower_eyelid_pos: 0.3, lower_eyelid_size: 0.3})
FaceMorph.face({narrowing: 0.6, v_shape: 0.3, cheekbones_narrowing: 0.3, cheeks_narrowing: 0.3, jaw_narrowing: 0.7, chin_shortening: 0.3, chin_narrowing: 0.3, sunken_cheeks: 0.1, cheeks_jaw_narrowing: 0.2})
FaceMorph.nose({width: 0.3, length: 0.2, tip_width: 0.1})
FaceMorph.lips({size: 0.4, height: 1.0, thickness: 0.1, mouth_size: 0.2, smile: 0.8, shape: 0.4})

// Reset all the FaceMorph effects



Photo filters (LUT)

Applies color filters to the entire image.

  • Filter.set("lut_texture.png") - set lut filter texture,
  • Filter.strength(n) - set lut filter strength, where n - any value from 0 to 1 (including decimal), but also larger values may be passed, like 2, 3, etc;
  • Filter.clear()- clears filter.
// Set lut filter characteristics

// Clear filter




Skin smoothing (Skin softening)

Makes the skin look younger by smoothing wrinkles.

  • Skin.softening(n) - set softening intensity, where n - any value from 0 to 1 (including decimal).
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Skin color

Changes the face and neck skin color.

  • Skin.color("R G B A") - set skin color in R G B A format (separated with space). Each value should be in a rage from 0 to 1 (including decimal),
  • Skin.clear() - clears skin color and softening.

Requires Skin segmentation Neural Network.

// Set skin color
Skin.color("0.8 0.6 0.1 0.4")

// Reset skin color



Background separation


Requires Background separation Neural Network.


If you need only the background separation effect, see Virtual Background API.

Background texture

Sets the file as background texture.

  • Background.texture("bg_image.png") - sets an image-file as a background texture.
    • Supported formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .ktx, .gif.
  • Background.texture("bg_video.mp4") - sets the video file as a background texture. Visit technical specification for supported video-formats.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Background transparency

Sets the background transparency.

  • Background.transparency(n) - set transperany value from 0 to 1 (including decimal).
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Background rotation

Rotates the background texture clockwise in degrees.

  • Background.rotation(deg) - set rotation value from 0 360 degrees. Value should be divisible by 90 degrees.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */


Background scale

Scales the background texture.

  • Background.scale(n) - multiplies the background texture size on given value.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */


Background contentMode

Sets the background texture content mode.

  • Background.contentMode("mode") - set mode type, possible values: fill, fit, scale_to_fill.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */


Background blur

Blurs background behind the user.

  • Background.blur(n) - sets the background blur radius in [0, 1] range.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Background clear

Removes the background color and texture, resets any settings applied.

/* Feel free to add your custom code below */


Hair coloring


Requires Hair segmentation Neural Network.

Single color

Colors hair with one color.

  • Hair.color("R G B A") - set hair color in R G B A format (separated with space). Each value should be in a rage from 0 to 1 (including decimal),
  • Hair.clear() - clears hair color (including gradient and hair strands).
// Set hair color
Hair.color("0.39 0.14 0.14 0.8")

// Reset hair color



Hair gradient

Colors hair with 1 to 5 colors.

  • Hair.color("start_color_rgba", "end_color_rgba") - set hair gradient in R G B A format (separated with space). Each rgba value should be in a rage from 0 to 1 (including decimal),
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */

Hair.color("0.19 0.06 0.25", "0.09 0.25 0.38")



Hair strands painting

Colors hair strands with 1 to 5 colors.

  • Hair.strands("R G B A", "R G B A", "R G B A", ...) - set hair strands in R G B A format (separated with space) with 5 color maximum.

Requires Hair strands painting Add-On.

/* Feel free to add your custom code below */

Hair.strands("0.80 0.40 0.40 1.0", "0.83 0.40 0.40 1.0", "0.85 0.75 0.75 1.0", "0.87 0.60 0.60 1.0", "0.99 0.65 0.65 1.0")



Eyes beautification


Requires Eye segmentation Neural Network.

Eyes coloring

Changes the color of the iris as in virtual lens try on.

  • Eyes.color("R G B A") - set eyes color in R G B A format (separated with space). Each value should be in a rage from 0 to 1 (including decimal),
  • Eyes.clear() - clears eyes color including flare and whitening.
// Set eyes color 
Eyes.color("0 0.2 0.8 0.64")

// Reset eyes color



Eye flare

Makes eyes more expressive adding flare.

  • Eyes.flare(n) - sets the eyes flare strength from 0 to 1.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Eyes whitening

Makes the look more expressive by whitening eyes.

  • Eyes.whitening(n) - sets the eyes sclera whitening strength from 0 to 1.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */




Eye bags removal

Removes eye bags. Works in offline mode only (for photo or video processing).


Requires Eye bags removal Add-On.

  • EyeBagsRemoval.enable() - enables eye bags removal,
  • EyeBagsRemoval.disable() - disables eye bags removal.
/* Feel free to add your custom code below */

// Enable eye bags removal

// Disable eye bags removal