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Offscreen Effect Player Demo App


  • Latest stable Android Studio
  • Latest Gradle plugin
  • Latest NDK

Get the client token#

To start working with the Banuba SDK Demo project for Android, you need to have the client token. To receive the trial client token please fill in our form on website, or contact us via


Before building the Android Offscreen Effect Player Demo project, place your client token inside appropriate file in the following location:

Client token usage example#
final class BanubaClientToken {
public static final String KEY = "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE";
private BanubaClientToken() {

Get the Banuba SDK archive#

With the client token, you will also receive the Banuba SDK archive for Android which contains:

  • Banuba Effect Player (compiled Android library project with .aar extension),
  • Android project folder (src) which contains demo apps, located in src/app and src/offscreen respectively.

Build the Banuba SDK OEP Demo app#

This section is fully consistent with the same section in Android demo app (Build the Banuba SDK Demo app section). Please, refer to Android demo app for more details.

Offscreen Effect Player Demo App briefly#

Application demonstrates different conveyors for image processing when rendering of the active effect is performed to the buffer in the memory. Additionally it demonstrates how to configure input image orientation for processing in the different device orientations and video frame sources.


SURFACE mode buttons in the picture above - this is the cases of using Offscreen Effect Player with Surface texture.

Offscreen Effect Player Demo app contains the following packages:

  • camera โ€” the functionality related to the camera capture. See Camera2Simple, Camera2SimpleThread and CameraWrapper.
  • fragments โ€” the functionality related to the fragment configuration.
  • gl โ€” the functionality related to the needed Open GL ES configuration.
  • orientation โ€” the functionality related to the device orientation change observing.
  • render โ€” the functionality related to the rendering purpose. See CameraRenderSurfaceTexture and CameraRenderYUVBuffers.
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