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Installation with CocoaPods

Learn the CocoaPods Getting Started Guide if you are new to CocoaPods.


It is advised to use the latest version of CocoaPods. Please, check your version with pod --version and upgrade it if necessary.

Complete the following steps to get the Photo Editor SDK dependencies using CocoaPods:

  1. install CocoaPods using Homebrew:
    brew install cocoapods 
  2. create a new Podfile in your project folder or edit the existing one:
    pod init
  3. add the necessary pods and our podspecs sources to the Podfile. The list of the required Photo Editor dependencies can be found in the Podfile example:
    source ''
    source ''
    source ''

    pod 'BanubaPhotoEditorSDK', pe_version
  4. install the Video Editor SDK pods:
    pod install --repo-update
  5. open the ***.xcworkspace workspace in Xcode and run the project.