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Android Packages

Android .aar packages are published to GitHub Packages Gradle registry, see its usage guide for details.


See the example of how to use specific feature with modules in our Tutorials.

To start using Banuba SDK from GitHub Packages, just add custom maven repo to your build.gradle:

allprojects {
repositories {

maven {
name "GitHubPackages"
url ""
credentials {
username = "sdk-banuba"
password = "\u0067\u0068\u0070\u005f\u0033\u0057\u006a\u0059\u004a\u0067\u0071\u0054\u0058\u0058\u0068\u0074\u0051\u0033\u0075\u0038\u0051\u0046\u0036\u005a\u0067\u004f\u0041\u0053\u0064\u0046\u0032\u0045\u0046\u006a\u0030\u0036\u006d\u006e\u004a\u004a"

Please note that authentication is required in any case (regardless of read-only/download-only access), so username and GitHub token with read only packages access are required. You may use username and token provided in our examples (and here) or create your own. Our quick-start example always contains valid credentials, so please refer to it for up-to-date token.

You can add banuba_sdk metamodule to include everything provided by SDK or just several required modules. Example below demonstrates metamodule usage:

dependencies {
// Banuba SDK dependencies
implementation "com.banuba.sdk:banuba_sdk:1.4+"

Refer to our GitHub repository to find the list of all available packages and their versions.

In case of specifying only the required modules as project dependencies it is your responsibility to include everything required for desired effect. Please keep in mind that there are several "must have" modules: com.banuba.sdk.sdk_core, com.banuba.sdk.effect_player, com.banuba.sdk.scripting. These modules must be added every time, anything else is feature-specific and depends on your needs.

Also use only modules with the same version, modules with different versions (even minor) may conflict or just work incorrectly with each other.